IN MEMORIAM:  MAJOR EDWARD J. RASIMUS                   (who took his final flight home January 30, 2013)

After being informed of the terrible news on the loss of Ed Rasimus and respectfully allowing for a time of family mourning, we wish to acknowledge and share our deepest sympathies, reverence and appreciation to Ed, his entire family and all the souls he touched through out his life.  Ed flew countless routine missions, over 250 combat missions and then piloted his own life missions. I didn’t have the privilege to get to know Ed like others did, but what I did learn from the man, his views, his stories and his life in my opinion can best be summed up in his own words:

“Flying fighters had been my life goal; I’d done the necessary things and had made the grade. I had become a fighter pilot and looked forward to a long career of flying exciting airplanes, associating with fun people and living a great life.” – Major Edward J. Rasimus 

Mission Accomplished, Ed…Mission Accomplished.

A personal note related to the WTR Project:  Your help and thoughts Needed... 
I personally corresponded with Ed Rasimus so often that he became more than an "advisor" to me - and I know he felt the same way. Even when Ed confided, “I’m currently in cycle four of six of chemotherapy for a stomach cancer diagnosed in early June. As a result, I’m not at my best (to say the least!)” he still offered his best including encouragement of how our game will be “distinctive over other combat flight-sims.” I am forever indebted to his time, commitment and support of this project. We are all deeply saddened that the results he was so looking forward to, will no longer be his to experience. Ed turned down numerous other requests to give this team an exclusive opportunity, and there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever he would have wanted us to continue…Not because it was “his story,” but because it just might be able to represent untold fighter pilot stories of that time and perhaps give others just a glimpse into the minds of those that put their life in the air and on the line during the height of the Vietnam conflict. But with the loss of Ed, there are new crossroads and decisions to be made – if you have any thoughts/suggestions to share please feel free to send us an email.

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